Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Week 10 - Recap

Looking back at the course from its end, the only thing left is to wrap it up.  Its highest value lies, in my opinion, in the fact that essentially  it is a methodology course presenting the pedagogical rationale for the use of selected  web  tools as well as modelling  their practical application  in a meaningful and creative way.  All the ones we have been introduced  enhance  English language teaching and each will have its special place in my  future lesson planning and conducting. 

Since people are increasingly  using technology both in their professional and private lives,  in education it  is not a choice any more but  a necessity.  However, it  has  only limited or counter impact if there is no good methodology behind it and a good teacher to apply it.  Smart technologies need smart people.


  1. Hi Nada!
    as usual nice and fruitful reflections Nada! I was the first to react to your first post in this blog though it was by email, so let me be the first to react to your last post in the course.
    It was a nice opportunity to meet you in this course! you showed many talents and skills and you were very productive and collabrative as well! I am looking forword that you will keep on worrking with the same pace and spirit. Sure we will carry on to collaborate more together in the future!
    Khaled Hafdhi, Tunisia.

  2. Hello dear friend.
    Well somehting starts and something finishes. that is this time. as you said we learn a lot an we have to practice .
    thanks for being my class mate and thanks for helping me with your comments and posts
    Ma del Carmen

  3. Thanks God I could post my comments using my URl

  4. Hi Nada,

    I have to agree with you. Using this tools is not a choice anymore, and the new generations are born with them. In fact, we are "tech immigrants for them". Likewise, I do agree that if we do not plan a well prepared methodology, there will be little or no impact in the students' learning process.


  5. Dear Nada,

    Yes, smart technology needs smart people. I like your reflection on that we need to have good methodology as a backbone to support what we are doing when it comes to teaching.

    Great post, Nada. Let's all keep up the good work and I am still looking forward to "seeing you" on line.

    All the best,
    Yaling, Taiwan