Friday, 6 May 2011

Week 5: Internet-based Projects

Using the web for searching is one of the simplest and most usual activities our  students undertake. But progressing from working with  individual pages to using the internet over a series of lessons takes them to the next level, to online project work.
 There are four main reasons why teachers should include these in their teaching:

  1. They are the simplest and easiest ways to introduce technology into teaching in terms of specialist technical knowledge.  It is true that it  takes time, good methodology and creativity to plan and design them, but sometimes all it takes is just search the web to check if some appropriate ones already exist.

  1. More often than not, they are  planned as group activities  therefore  excellent for communication and collaboration between students and for provoking  interaction and cooperative learning.

  1. Apart from improving students' language skills and competencies, they can be used for other purposes as well and teach other subjects providing 'real world'  look and authentic tasks  and motivate students as a result.

  1. Since students are not required to only  find the information but to process, transform and apply them as well, these projects encourage  critical thinking.

Above all, they are fun both to create and conduct.

Adapted from How to Teach English with Technology
by Gavin Dudeney and Nicky Hockly


  1. Hello
    dear friend.
    I agree with you. Using technology in our teaching process won't be difficult if we change the apropriate material, and of course the student enjoy learning by cooperation, in that way they help each other.
    Ma del Carmen

  2. Hi Nada,

    I totally agree with you. In my opinion to use technology makes the class go easier and more significant, so students will not forget what they learnt by using it.Besides, this week was so rewarding because we will create a technology-enhanced project or WebQuest.

    Best regards,
    Pitie, Ecuador

  3. agree with you all the reasons that I mentioned and take it like an encyclopedia site large projects can enable teachers, students and parents see it, so I'm going to train teachers in the school on how to use these sites, I've simplified view about what I learned in This week, they will arrange a workshop involving all what I learned in this course and this at their request to learn more of modern technology and how to apply them in teaching.

  4. Hi friend

    Congratulations for your well oriented techonologycal resources you plan suggest to use in class and also very important reasons.
    By the way, I have to say thank you to Zainab Al Sahlawi for shearing the site large projects with us, it will be very useful.

  5. Hi Nada,

    I truly believe that you got a point by saying that using these new techniques in teaching English are really helpful and beneficial for our students.



  6. Hi Nada

    Yes, webquests are a nice way "to get your feet wet" as we sometimes say. I like how you have spelled out the advantages clearly and succinctly.